A downloadable VirtuaPet for Windows, macOS, and Linux

VirtuaPets™ are digital creatures you can install onto your desktop computer. They will watch you as you use your computer and you can level them up by keeping them happy!

Cubie is our first VirtuaPet and we are very proud to bring him to you!

Think of Cubie as a living breathing animal running entirely digital! You can interact with your Cubie by performing tasks that result in your Cubie leveling up. Each level unlocks a new Cubie body allowing you to customize your Cubie to your exact liking! 

How much does Cubie cost?

+ Cubie is entirely free and has absolutely no option of purchasing anything! We wanted to provide this digital friend to everyone to enjoy at no cost!

How do I play Cubie?

+ All you need to do is install Cubie and he will be there! There is no configuration, once you have installed Cubie you will playing immediately!

What do I do if my Cubie is Angry or Sad?

+ All you need to do is Double-Click your Cubie! That simple act is all your Cubie needs

How can I change my Cubie's body color?

+ Once you have unlocked other body skins you need to hold long press left click

How can I check my Cubie's body skin count?

+ Hold right click to check your skin count

How can I check my Cubie's level?

+ Just hold right-click on your cubie!

How many levels does Cubie have?

+ Cubie has up to level 999

How many background skins does Cubie have?

+ Cubie comes with 100 skins

Does Cubie Have Cheat Codes?

+ Yes! For Cheat Codes join the community discord!


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Java Standalone Launcher

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